My Kids Play Hockey - Essential Advice for Every Hockey Parent - Contributing Author


Youth hockey Skating On Fun Ice: Starting Your Child in Hockey

Archery and the local Katniss Everdeens  Valley Archery Programs For Kids 

The next open winners in Helping Young Golfers Get Started 

Getting physical with the derby girls in These Girls Are Rough, Tough and Really Fast 

New youth hockey goalie development program New Goalie Initiative Has Goalie Culture a Priority in Arizona

 How to be a great sports parent 10 Ways To Be A Great Sports Parent

Ghost Writing for Business:

Exploring branding Building Your Small Business Brand Is Easier Than You Think 

Small Business Saturday Making Small Business Saturday a Big Deal

Showed job seekers how to sabotage their search in Don't Take That Attitude With Me! 

How to keep your job hunt fresh Are You are Foul Weather Job Seeker?

Fashion and Body Positivity:

Bared more than just my soul at The Curvy Fashionista

Nature Conservation:  

Went "batty" at an Arizona Game and Fish Workshop for Arizona Highways 


Revenge is sweet for a forgotten 40-something Mariposa Literary Review "Karma is spelled with a "C"


Being mistaken for a star? Let the fun begin Mariposa Literary Review "They Say Melissa"

Social Media:

Helped to build the online community and web presence for three seasons Arizona Amateur Hockey Association 

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