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Stunt the Hockey Stink

Stunt the Hockey Stink

It's the nemesis of every hockey parent. No it's not the fees, the ice times or that one evil bag stink. No Lysol, Febreeze or Vodka (yes, I heard water diluted vodka works) is strong enough to truly defeat it. And if you are on a trip? Forget it. Nothing breeds stink worse than captive gear in a bag, in a hotel room.

So, do you just give in? Hell no, we won't go! Over the years I have discovered some tricks to help defeat (or at least downplay) the stench of the hockey equipment.

1) DRY the equipment out whenever possible. I do not care how tired or time strapped you or your player is, this is crucial. If it doesn't dry, you have little hope. I know some parents who allow their player to just keep the gear in the bag overnight on a regular basis and I just want to vomit at the thought. Get in the habit, you'll thank me.

2) Taking that drying concept to a new level is the drying stand. My husband built this one from PVC pipe but you can buy them already assembled if you aren't as handy as he is and it is awesome! There's a place for the helmet, pads, chest and skates. Plus it looks like you have a goalie hanging out in your garage.

3) Foot spray and ordinary shoe liners. if your player or goalie is like mine they may not wear socks. Ewww I know...but she insists on doing it and has for years. So you can only imagine what kind of funk is living in there. The liner soaks up sweat and you can replace them every couple of weeks. Gross but effective.

4) To quote "Hair" the musical, "Let the sunshine in!" Dry the equipment whenever possible in the sun...yes I am beating a dead horse with the drying out thing but it works. And the sun just naturally works its magic. One of the advantages of living in Arizona is that we are lucky enough to have plenty of it!

5) But because sunshine isn't always available, even in Arizona, my newest discovery is Oxypow sanitizing. Recommended by a fellow goalie mom this service cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes the equipment. It's no joke and a bonus is that they give you a small spray bottle of freshener to keep you going in between services. It's worth the $50 (slightly less for player gear) so if you are local I would love to make the introduction. Bigger bonus? Jay will come to YOU to pick up and drop off..NOW that is service.

I have heard of parents putting dryer sheets in gloves and a few other remedies so I am you have any tried-and-true methods? Would love to hear about them!

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