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What Goalies Around, Comes Around

What Goalies Around, Comes Around

Most hockey players (and their parents) still spend time inside a rink during the summer months. Here in 115 degree Arizona heat that is even more tempting, but we, as a hockey family decided long ago decided that breaks are breaks, so we leave the rink behind for a few months.

Until this summer.

But instead of playing hockey, my goalie has decided to spend a little time teaching hockey. She signed up this summer to spend a few weeks helping out at the Small Frys program. Led by Olympic Silver Medalist, Lyndsey Fry, Small Frys gives Arizona girls a chance to continue their hockey skills after their learn-to-play experiences. 


So, for a couple of hours Thursday and Sunday my sixteen year-old offered some advice to a six year old goalie. As someone who has never really worked with kids or even babysat one, my daughter did not realize the pitfalls of working with a small child. Her fantasy of mentoring an always willing pupil was pretty much put to rest after the first session after her young protege exhibited some of the very same behaviors she did at that age. Let's just say karma is a young goalie!


Not talking - Apparently for two whole sessions the young goalie just wanted to use body language to communicate. She wanted to save her voice for post-ice interviews? 

Throwing her sticks - This one actually mimics a lot of older goalies, even ones who play the sport professionally. Frustration will do that to you and apparently my goalie forgot she has exhibited some unsportsmanlike behavior too!

Playing hockey doesn't always mean the game of hockey - Her young goalie at times was more interested in playing the "tag" game (or asteroids as some call it) rather than stopping pucks from her camp mates. Another callback to my daughter's younger days!

Food issues - It's hard work being a goalie and more than once, her goalie mentioned that she really just wanted to leave and get some food. Also, a remembrance of mine from my daughter was younger...and truth be told sometimes now!

Despite some of the obstacles, I think both ended up having some fun. Plus, I think my daughter has an even better appreciation for what coaches do on a regular basis! 

Hockey Mom Book Club: My Kids Plays Hockey by Christie Casciano Burns

Hockey Mom Book Club: My Kids Plays Hockey by Christie Casciano Burns