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Are Goalie Moms Bad Luck Charms?

Are Goalie Moms Bad Luck Charms?

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The number 13, black cats, walking under a ladder...all considered superstitious bad omens. And now the goalie mom?  How did being a goalie mom become a bad omen? Just ask my goalie daughter. For the last two years of her goalie career I have attended district championships with her; and for the last two years her team only won one game and didn't make the National Championships. Perhaps this was a result of really difficult competition? Skill level? Performance anxiety? 

Of course not. It's MY fault.

She has since blamed the fact that they haven't made it past district championships on my presence at the games. To be fair, she has in the last two years, done better out of town without me and her team has subsequently won a few titles. 

But is it REALLY me?

It might be. This last district championship I didn't travel to Dallas to attend the games and they won all of them. Every single one. She even had a couple of shut outs! I was starting to sweat it. Could I really be the reason that her team hadn't won districts before?

Before my overly superstitious side kicked in (I do throw pennies found on tails over my left shoulder as well as spilled salt) I tried to pin the great performance on something else. Chemistry from playing together for several years? Our abundance of older and wiser seniors? My daughter's at-an-all-time-high confidence?

Of course! That could be the reason for winning all the games! It didn't have anything o do with me after all. Whew. 

Just don't ask me what happened when we went to Nationals...

But maybe the curse can be lifted! Maybe it's like the movie Beetlejuice, all you have to do is say my name. GOALIE MOM, GOALIE MOM, GOALIE MOM.

We will try that next season...

Are you a blessing or a curse to your player during games?


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