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What Does Hair Have to Do With Hockey?

What Does Hair Have to Do With Hockey?

If you are a hockey fan then you know there are certain "hair" traditions within the community. The most famous of which is the playoff beard which is the facial hair that a hockey player will allow to take over his melon for the duration of a playoff run. There is also the notorious "flow" that every boy player wants. It's the cool hockey hair that peeks out from under his helmet, which he can shake loose in the most alluring fashion when he takes the helmet off. This one stems back to the good ole days of the mullet. I am almost certain that you couldn't play hockey back then without one.

There are also the youth hockey players who will dye their hair white or some other unnatural color when they go to national championships as a way of standing way of every player doing the same thing. Yes, I realize what I just said is kind of an oxymoron.

Girl hockey players are not immune to this hair/hockey connection. Although most of women cannot grow much facial hair, there are certain hair traditions of our own I am seeing.

1) Eyebrows must be on fleek. Discussions surrounding threading, waxing and plucking are not uncommon in the locker room.

2) As a general rule boys let the flow, well flow, and girls use hair ties. This insider information has served me well in determining who was who on a team. Look for the hair tie and you have a girl. Most times.

3) Eyelashes. Either mascaraed within an inch of their lives or falsies strategically placed, long and lush. Even at practice.

4)  Playoff hair. This is now a "thing". This week's group chat text discussions have been focused on having everyone cornrow their hair. An "all for one and one for all" sign of solidarity among our girls as their begin their playoff rush. The battle between the do-it-yourself'ers  and the salon crowd has been almost as good as the games. How many rows should we do? How much of our hair? What side of the head?

As this battle waged on throughout the week, there was one hold out. And I won't give you three guesses as to who that was. Of course it was the goalie and my kid. Not on board for any hair removal or other such hair fussiness other than shaving her legs, she's been extremely practical, "those cornrows will kill my head under my helmet!" She struggled with the decision on what to do. I offered up the sensible idea of just doing two braids down the back (she has very long hair) and then taking it out before game time.  

Of course that wouldn't do and she just ended up with a braid ending in a ponytail. Not quite what they had in mind but an improvement on the normal scraggly ponytail. You can see here that some of the girls took this very seriously.


Not sure if the hair helped us or not but the girls had fun with it and it all felt very "hockey".

Anyone else out there with a team that follows hair traditions or new ones they have made up? 

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