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Thanks For The Periscopes...But Missing The Hockey Travel

Thanks For The Periscopes...But Missing The Hockey Travel

For years I have been the travel partner to my goalie. The ever faithful companion on those in-state and out-of-state jaunts. Even though the timing of some of those trips could have been better (Minnesota in January and anything right before Christmas) I’ve always loved them. 

Call it mother/daughter bonding, we had a lot of fun on those trips. Getting lost in the rental car. Finding cool restaurants. Team outings. Doing things you never could do at home. Pond hockey in Arizona? Not happening and definitely one of the joys of traveling out-of-state.

However, as the poets, and some very wise hair bands from the 80's say, you never know what you got till it’s gone. Last season my goalie joined a girls team after playing co-ed. While there were many changes and adjustments to make I didn't figure travel would be one of them. 

At a pre-season team meeting, our president nonchalantly mentioned that the coach wanted the girls to travel as a team. Travel as team. As in no parents. I thought I had heard wrong but no, they were to fly together, room together, eat together and travel back and forth to the rinks together. Sans parents. 

Cue the “Twilight Zone” theme. How could this be? They expected me to just dump my then 13 year-old curbside at the airport and wave fondly goodbye for a three or four day trip?

When I looked around I seemed to be the only one freaking out. Granted most of the parents had already been around for a year and I am sure they were not surprised by this news. I, on the other hand, was mentally trying to figure out how we could get out of this. 

“You mean, they go alone?” I had asked in a small voice. Heads turned with knowing smiles. “Yes, parents are welcome to come but they won’t much access to their girls during the trip, just at games.” I opened my mouth to say something else but shut it. What could I say? No way my baby was leaving me for that long? I couldn't say that without looking like an overprotective helicopter parent and I certainly couldn't just flee the scene, our check was already cashed!

Luckily one of the dads with a daughter not much older came to my rescue. “ I know how you feel, but it’s fine really and K. loves to travel with the team.” I was unconvinced at the time but rolled with the change.

A season and a half later, it’s just what we do. The team travels far more than before and in the interest of saving money, she goes and I stay. She, of course loves it. When the hockey mom’s away the goalie will play (and prank and stay up too late) I suppose.

But I miss it. Parents who do make the trips will Periscope the games for us unfortunate ones left behind, and I really appreciate it, but it’s just not the same. 

The energy in a ice rink during a championship game is far different than the energy on your couch with your cat in your lap. And of course that Periscoping parent is not spending all their time focusing on your goalie so you miss some of the best saves, the slickest moves and that terrific poke check that turned in to a trip but wasn’t called. Not that we know anything about that…

Plus I spend most of the game moving my phone around as if I can actually control my view. Very weird to watch according to my husband. Yelling at a screen isn't nearly as fun or effective either. And it scares the cat off your lap.

So in the interest of never surrendering, I am planning next season to make a few trips. ince Even with "limited access" and her groaning that I will "ruin the trip". Obviously they won't be the same but changing times call for new traditions. I just want to be there for that next championship...without a cat and Periscope trolls.

Do you travel with the team or are you left behind? Am I irrational, overprotective and ridiculous? Wait, don't answer THAT one.


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