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To Billet or Not To Billet, Is That Even A Question?

To Billet or Not To Billet, Is That Even A Question?

Goalie: “I am going to start looking to see where I can billet for hockey.”

Me: “No.”

Goalie: “What do you mean ‘no’?”

Me: “Just what I said, no.” I am not sending my only daughter, at 14 or 15, away to be raised by other people during these crucial teen years.”

Goalie: (giving me THAT look): “Players do it all the time!” “What if I get a great opportunity?”

Me: “If it’s that great, we’ll move!” “I told you I could build a tree house or tiny house next to whatever rink you play out of.”

Goalie: (rolling her eyes): “You are going to have to let me go sometime.”

Me: “That’s where you are wrong.”

Now before anyone gets upset with me about not believing in billeting, let me just clarify that it’s not right for US, ok well maybe just not right for ME. I know that billeting is a time honored tradition and rite of passage for certain hockey players. I know that it works for some families. Notice I said “certain hockey players” and “some families”. Call me a control freak, an over protective mother but some things are non-negotiable.

At 14 she can travel with her team in the US for a weekend tournament, not live in a another household for 8 months out of a year. When she is 18, she may certainly move away to college, or go away to the Olympics.

But only if there is space for my tree house or tiny house.

Hey hockey mamas, what’s YOUR take on billeting? Would you allow your son or daughter to move away from home before 18? Please don’t let me believe I am the only one..

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