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Sh*t Goalie Moms Never Say

Sh*t Goalie Moms Never Say

Sh_T Goalie Moms Never Say.png

Inspired by the hilarious Gongshow video "Sh*t Hockey Players Don't Say" (seriously watch it) I came up with my own list of sh*t that goalie moms never say. We have our own set of don'ts.

#1 You're not playing tonight? Oh good, I love watching you open the door for your team."

#2 "This team isn't that'll get a shut out for sure!"

#3 "You've grown three inches? Yay, we can get some new leg pads!"

#4 "Shoot outs are my favorite! Can everyone have a go? My goalie needs the practice."

#5 "Please do tell me how my goalie can improve...I love getting feedback from other parents."

#6 "There's how many goalies at this tryout? Awesome, the more the merrier."

#7 "I'm just going to stand behind the net. Breakaways are way less nerve wracking from here."

#8 "Why couldn't the ref have just called a penalty shot?"

#9 "You're right opposing team parent, my goalie is a sieve. Tell your team to go blocker side."

#10 "Hey ref! There aren't enough players piled up on my goalie, wait on that whistle." 

Can you relate? Which ones are your favorites and what would you never say? Let me know in the comments.

Shut out, shut out, shut out, shut out!

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