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Work Out Like A Hockey Mom

Work Out Like A Hockey Mom

Orangetheory Fitness, Cross Fit, treadmills, weights etc etc. I have a few friends who like to work out. Some of them lug tires, climb ropes, lift heavy weights and spends hours stair climbing to nowhere. I prefer to only run when chased however I think I have discovered the next latest craze.

 Hockey moms have got one hell of a challenge.

Hear me out and think about the physical aspect of being a hockey parent and you know I am right! Especially during your player's younger years when they haven't quite figured out how to get that equipment on and off and to and from from the car. 

I give you, the hockey mom workout:

Tying skates - Excellent for the calves and glutes from squatting and great upper body for getting them tied tight enough.

Closing the hatch on your car - Now this one may be just for the shorter variety of hockey mom but reaching up certainly gives my calves a good stretch.

Lugging a fully goalie bag - Forget throwing tires around or dead lifting, try hauling around a goalie bag. Want an extra bit of work out? Carry it after a long tournament weekend while it is still wet. Extra points for lugging the suitcases on a trip too...

Walking or sprinting stairs - Not just for die hard fitness fans. Up the bleachers, down the bleachers. Down to the locker room and back up from the locker room. Sometimes your player will forget a piece of equipment forcing you to do several sets. Good for the legs.

Steps - Got a Fitbit? Put that thing to work as a hockey mom because you'll be walking plenty of parking lots, arenas and hotel hallways. You dump them off at the curb you say? You still have to park. No escaping it.

Tossing back a few - Bad showing at a tournament while out-of-town? No worries, having that beer or a glass of wine gets you some extra wrist exercise. Pays off when you have to tie those skates. 

Dancing - A hockey mom's night out wouldn't be complete without it! Throw in a bit of "tossing back a few" and you have yourself a full body (and mind) workout in one short evening...because heaven knows we don't get too many of those in the season! 

Working your schedule - Can you say "stamina"? Hockey moms can handle a full time job (and 2 part time jobs in my case!) a full hockey schedule (sometimes at horrific hours), family duties (those dishes don't clean themselves), and still look good for date night. Twenty year olds ain't got nothing on us!

Did I miss anything? What ways can you add to the hockey mom workout?

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