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8 Reasons To Love a New Hockey Season

8 Reasons To Love a New Hockey Season

If you are like us then you probably haven't spent much time in an ice rink this summer. Taking a break is one of the nice things about the short offseason and it always gets in the mood for a brand new beginning.

With practices starting all over our city and my goalie's starting this weekend, it felt only right to compile a list of reasons to love the new season:

You get to say hello to old friends - If you haven't been around the rink then you may have lost all "real" touch with the people who make up your tribe during season. It's always nice to get caught up again!

Meet new friends - Inevitably there is going to be shifting around and some new players and parents will be joining OR you may be the one to join a new team. Either way forging new friendships is what youth sports is all about. 

Beat The Heat - This may be an "Arizona thing" but it so nice to get out of the 115 degrees and into a place where a sweater or hoodie is not so out of the norm!

Sounds - It doesn't take long for you to remember the sounds of hockey. The incredibly satisfying thud a puck makes when hitting a leg pad just right, the tape-to-tape passes where puck meets stick and the chatter and the laughter you hear from the team. Music to my ears! Just no cowbell...PLEASE!

Smells - The gear hasn't gone all funky yet, the ice itself has a unique smell and that aroma coming from your coffee or hot chocolate cup is a welcome olfactory experience.

Clean Slate - No matter what happened last year be it disappointing stats or locker room feuds, everyone is excited to be part of a new year. Let bygones be bygones.

Car Chats - Every mom or dad will tell that some of the best talks with their player come from the ride to or from a game or practice. Spending all that time in the car just seems to get the tongue wagging. 

Exercising Those Vocal Chords - Yelling is generally frowned upon in the real world...but in hockey? He or she who yells the loudest, wins. 

Here's wishing you and your player a fantastic new hockey season! 

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