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Why My Goalie Hates Watching Hockey

Why My Goalie Hates Watching Hockey

It used to be so fun. When my daughter and I started watching hockey I was working for a company that had a suite at the arena. One season we went to over 30 home games and it was a blast. We would schmooze the clients, enjoy free food and drink and cheer our asses off. We would even taunt the opposing goalie.

But things change.

When I left the company my daughter started playing hockey, as a goalie. At first nothing changed, we would go to the occasional game and even watch on TV, still cheering. During her Peewee year things got more serious with hockey, as they often do, and she stopped watching. I'd have the game on and she would peek in now and then but that was it. The times that we went to the arena she would often sit quietly.

Then I noticed the mumbling. Glove too high. Glove too low. Didn't even see the puck. Two guys screening. Off a skate. Didn't close the 5 hole. 

She was providing her own commentary. Her own critique. She was calling the game from a goalie perspective. And no matter who got scored on, she would cringe, big time. No more "He shoots, he scores, hey goalie you suck." Now she felt each and every goal in her very being as if she were the one being scored on. 

That is no fun no matter how you look at it.

Her stress of performing badly as a goalie was impacting how she viewed other games. They weren't that much fun anymore and despite my suggestions I haven't been able to get her to separate the two. "It's just hard to watch," she told me, "that light, the noise...I KNOW what that feels like."

That is something I wouldn't know about it but I got it. 

Have we stopped watching games? No. We just do it differently. If it's on TV I will often call her in to watch a great play, a fantastic save or a fight (she still likes those). Those snippets are just enough and she always asks how it turned out in the end. She will attend games but they aren't the same.

Nothing's really changed for me. It's still fun and I still cheer, but it's been awhile since I've taunted any goalie.

That's just hitting too close to home.

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