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Rookie Hockey Mom Mistakes

Rookie Hockey Mom Mistakes

Back in the old goalie days...

Back in the old goalie days...

I was never a sports person. In high school I played one season of softball and after a barrage of bruises on my shins playing second base and one lucky home run, I decided to retire. So, when my daughter begged me for a year to learn how to play hockey, I was pretty hesitant even though we had started being big fans. As I told her back then "I like your teeth in your head." 

Persistance does pay off and eventually I gave in. I found out about the Kids First program (now Little Howlers) which allows kids from 4-8 to try hockey for free. One session per week for four weeks, borrowed equipment included. 

Why not? 

Little did I know that I would be entering a whole new world. During that first session I hovered around the glass, taking pictures and nervously pacing. 

Then I earned a nickname.

Fearing that after ten minutes of immensely intense skating (mostly on the walkers and/or paint buckets) she had to be dying a slow death from dehydration, I called her over to drink some water. It only took me doing that twice before I heard a BOOMING voice.

"Hey water mom, she is FINE!" 

The coach had noticed my overprotective nature and need to hydrate her every five seconds and was not amused. For the remainder of the sessions I was "water mom". 

It wasn't the first lesson I learned. Once they discovered that she wanted to play goalie, they practically THREW equipment at her because, well, what kid that age wants to stand in net, not score and have pucks flying at their head? Apparently mine.

Learning to have to put goalie pads on a 6 year old was probably more frustrating than the labor it took to bring her into the world. Cussing and sweating, it took me nearly 30 minutes just to figure it all out. I strapped her in nice and tight and sent her out.

She dropped to her knees and couldn't get back up. She lay there on the ice flailing like a fish out of water and I had no idea why. Her coach skates by, grabs her by the back of the breezers and sets her on her skates. 

"Hey water mom, her pads are too tight!"

Basically I had strapped what probably felt like wooden boards to her legs, making it nearly impossible for her to bend and get up. Once I looked at the back of more experienced goalies, I realized just how loose those straps had to be behind the legs. 


While these weren't my last mistakes, we've made it to our 8th season (yes, all goalie years) and that's not too bad for a non-sports person.

What are some of the mistakes you've made as a rookie? Share below and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a post, the new season is coming!

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