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Guilt And The Goalie Mom

Guilt And The Goalie Mom

"What hockey is your goalie doing this summer?'


"What do you mean none?"

"None, we take a break over the summer." 

"A break?"

"Yes, a break from hockey"

Then you get the know the one. The confused one. Like they never thought of doing that and that maybe you are just a bad sports parent. Not at all interested in the growth and development of your player or goalie. Despite all the articles from orthopaedic surgeons, NHL players themselves and other experts on the subject, some parents still feel the need to cram in all the extra hockey training they can get during the summer.


Most parents don't want their kids getting "rusty" or they think that by getting that extra week or two or three in over the summer will somehow give their player an edge in the fall.

Does it?

Most of those above mentioned experts would say no and even the opposite. All the specialized training could cause unnecessary stress on joints, making the athlete more prone to injury and you know what injury means...time off the ice when it actually counts.

Despite all that research and reassurance, I still can't help but feel a bit guilty when I get caught in these conversations. 


We all want to be the "good" mom. The one that does the best thing for their kids, give them all the right opportunities and possibly that edge. 

But the right thing isn't the same for everyone. For some the right thing is shuttling their kid all over town all summer because that is what THEY want to do. We've been there. We've done it. We've spent the summer doing a goalie camp and playing in a house rec league.

Did it give her an edge?

Absolutely not. It did the opposite. Wore her down, left her burnt out and not even remotely excited about the upcoming season. It was right then that, guilt or no guilt, I decided I wasn't going to do that to her again. Or myself. 

I am not judging families that make the decision to spend the summer on the ice, it just isn't for us. Aside from a few sticktime sessions to break in those very stiff leg pads, we are hanging, chilling and taking a break this summer.

And when mid-August comes, we'll both be ready!

What about you? Do you take a break or spend the summer on ice?



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