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Pack Like A Hockey Player: The Rule of Two's

Pack Like A Hockey Player: The Rule of Two's


Lots of families did the tournament packing ritual in preparation for out of town MLK events this weekend. Watching my goalie getting ready for her trip, I was reminded of a time when I was more of an active participant in this ritual. She's older now and this year I haven't been travelling with her. Yet. I keep threatening to make the last one. 

Not that I am not constantly quizzing her while she packs: "Medication?" Check. "Toothbrush?" Check. "Jerseys?" Check. "Both sticks?" Check, check

When I did travel with her and held tighter control on the packing I used my rule of 2's:

2 pairs of game socks and 2 jerseys - Home and away..sounds like a no brainer but you've seen that kid with the masking tape number on the back of a generic jersey. Don't be that kid.

2 sticks - Even if one is old and/or shorter or not as cool or whatever..because you know if you don't, one will break at a game. 

2 rolls of hockey tape - Hockey tape gets "borrowed" a lot in the locker room. Of course your player can always "borrow" some back..

2 extra pairs of underwear and socks - You remember what your mom said about having clean underwear? Plus it is mentally scarring to go shopping for underwear with an opposite sex teammate (true story).

2 hair ties (at least) - Of course this one applies to the girls who, like mine, have to get that unruly mess under control somehow..before a family of birds or rodents decide to take up residency.

2 mouthguards - They are small, easily lost and you can't play without them! 

2 sets of under gear - The smell. Enough said. And really even 2 won't stop the funk but it should get you through the weekend. 

2 teammates - Who are willing to put part of your goalie's gear in their bag to make airline weight. Several of our trips have resulted in a last minute, at the ticket counter shuffling of gear to make that 50 pound limit.

2 Hands - To roll your clothes instead of folding which prevents wrinkling. Not that SHE cares. But I do.  

2 Pockets - In a hanging toiletry organizer. Crucial when it comes to 4 girls sharing one bathroom with just ONE bathroom counter!

Mind you a lot of these items can be replaced on the road but why hassle with it? 

Hope everyone had a great travelling (or not) hockey weekend!

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