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Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 4: Slapshot

Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 4: Slapshot

I've heard it said that if you haven't seen "Slapshot" you aren't a true hockey fan. Well, I can't say that is entirely true but I will say is that if you haven't seen it you are missing out on some great iconic imagery, quotes and a storyline that embodies "old time hockey".

And I just proved my point if you haven't seen it! 

The Chiefs hockey team is down-on-their-luck and soon to be disbanded thanks to the town's plant closing. Their ragged coach and captain Reggie "Reg" Dunlop (deliciously 70's Paul Newman) decides to make some "changes" in order to get the team picked up elsewhere. What kind of changes? Oh you know, media manipulation, a newfound aggressiveness in their play and of course, The Hanson Brothers.

No three people in hockey movie history are more recognizable than the mullet sporting, tinfoil knuckled, bespectacled goons of "Slapshot". Signed by the team's questionably motivated manager, the Hansons bring a new level to Chief's hockey..brawling.

Along the way you get to meet a whole cast of interesting characters including the privileged and educated Ned Braden (Michael Ontkean) and his oft drunk wife Lily (Lindsay Crouse) who doesn't fit in well with the other wives who seem to accept their roles in the one rink town. 

"Slapshot" might just make you nostalgic for old time hockey where brawls cleared the bench, goalies didn't wear helmets and on-ice violence could unite a town. It might also make you nostalgic for the platform shoes, bell bottoms, and fur trimmed trench coats..worn exquisitely by Newman.

Ah the good old days! 

Rated R for violence, nudity (the last scene is a particularly fine example of that) and language so be careful with your young players around.

Rating: 5 pucks for nostalgia.

It's old time hockey after all. 

Have you seen "Slapshot"? And if that is a silly question, how many times have you seen it? And check out my other selections for the summer:

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