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Croissants and Crossbars

Last week I asked you all what you were doing to feed the "woman" in you not just the "hockey mom" in you in "Woman Cannot Live on Hockey Alone". Some ideas I have encountered are taking a fitness class, catching up with old friends, or going to the movies, adult movies..alone. For my monthly experiments, something new every month, my first activity is:

Learning to speak French!

Now I realize this will take longer than a month but it's the first new thing I have started in a while. Paris is still on the bucket list and if I ever go to Montreal or Quebec for hockey trips, I would love to be able to speak, read and possibly even understand the native tongue.

While there are lots of ways to go about learning French I opted for the very easy, very mobile Duolingo which is amazing. It's fun, challenges your reading AND speaking skills by utilizing your microphone and it's free! The mobility is incredible because I could feasibly be sitting in the stands during practice learning to parlez francais!

If that's not a great selling point, Duolingo also sends you little reminders via email and phone to remind you to proactive. This cute little bird can be quite annoying but perfect for the absentminded hockey mom.

What are you doing for yourself? A new language? Catching up with friends? Taking a dance class?

Let me know and until next month, au revoir mon amis!

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