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Control and the Independent Goalie

Do I miss hockey practices?


Do I miss games?


Do I ever just let my goalie go on trips with other parents?


Will I take off work rather than miss a tournament game?



Because I apparently have control issues.

Most of the parents I know pull up curbside at the rink, dump the bag and take off for an hour until practice is over.

I pull up curbside, dump the bag, park the car and spend the next hour alternating between reading, chatting with other parents there and wishing I could cut the cord a little. Never mind that I live 45 minutes from the rink so logistically it just isn't possible for me to go home without having to just turn around and come back when I get there.

It's more than that. It's fear.

Fear that I might miss something. What might I miss you ask?

- Injury (god forbid)

- The coach needing to speak with me (has happened maybe twice in 7 years)

- Some important parent news (not that we all don't use email)

- An amazing save in an amazing game that I have never seen before and will never see again (yes, really).

And now I am being informed that parents are somewhat discouraged from escorting their player on trips, that the team will fly, eat, sleep and basically breathe together, as a team, alone. To some this is freedom from having to make the trip and incur all that cost.

So, where does that leave me?

At home, wringing my hands and drooling in a corner because I shouldn't go? Help! I need some advice from you less scaredy cat parents out there who have been there (or not been there!) and who have been able wish their player bon voyage!

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