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Woman Cannot Live on Hockey Alone

I know for most of you, me included, hockey rules the roost. That doesn't mean however that we can't have a bit of a life OUTSIDE the rink. It's only fair for all we do for the players in our lives. 

So what are you doing to keep your sanity, further your health and learning something new?

One mom I know has taken on a fitness challenge to get herself in shape before the season starts. Another is connecting with all the friends she doesn't see regularly during the hockey season. Another has set goals on how many books she's going to read each month.

And me?

I am embarking on several challenges. One each month. Either learning something new, reconnecting with something I haven't done in a while or furthering a thing that I love doing. 

My first challenge is coming soon but now I challenge you...

How will YOU love hockey and still make time for yourself?

Already striking that balance? Let's hear how you are doing it and help a hockey mom out!

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Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 3: Goon