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The Organized Hockey Mom?

Sounds like a dream right? To be so completely organized that you never miss a practice, drive to the wrong rink or show up late while your hockey players yells beside you "I told you we were gonna be late mom!". 

Not that I have ever missed a practice or shown up to the wrong rink...ahem.

When you are a hockey mom you wear a lot of different beanies: chauffeur, nutritionist, counselor, equipment manager, and travel agent just to mention a few. Add on top of that a full-time (or more) job and that could be a recipe for disaster.

So, what's a hockey mom to do?

As someone who prides herself on being digitally savvy, I have discovered, strangely, that digital calendars and to-do lists just don't cut it. For some reason writing it down makes me more likely to remember it and apparently I am visual. I want to see it. Big as life and in full color apparently. My phone? I just hit dismiss on that tiny little calendar item and it's gone. Forgotten in the depths of the digital wasteland that keeps me from remember that the game this week is at a DIFFERENT rink!

It makes me feel better to know that a lot of studies show that people who write things down retain the information far better than those who don't.  Apparently typing is thought to be "mindless" processing.

Enter my planner and notebook addiction.

Last December a friend (yes hockey) of mine introduced me to Erin Condren and her life planners. Colorful, fun, lots of features and plenty of space for me to write everything down.  Maybe too much space...the only complaint I have is that you can't use a small purse if you wanna haul your planner around.

But a hockey mom doesn't travel lightly anyway.

I've grown quite attached to the vast array of sticker options which makes using the planner more like a little craft project. About the only craft project i will take on!  I color code, and recently bought picture stickers to indicated practices, games and other hockey events. How do they indicate that? Just take a look..

I know exactly what hockey events are coming up at a glance. 

Now let's see if this season is any less hectic because of it. How do you keep organized? Are you pen and paper or a digital kind of hockey mom? Share your secrets because I will be damned if I goof up another practice time!


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