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Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 2: Youngblood

Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 2: Youngblood

It's the Rocky of hockey and probably the most "sports movie" of all my selections with its tried-and-true formula of hero in crisis, villains on the opposing team, that "big" game at the end and a romantic entanglement.

Youngblood has all of this and has the 80's.

80's hair, 80's movie soundtrack, 80's clothes and that undeniable 80's cheesiness. Rob Lowe stars as Dean Youngblood, a 17 year hockey phenom from rural NY who decides to flee the farm and try to make it big in Canadian Junior Hockey. Apparently he can skate like the wind..if only he could fight.

Hilarity ensures when Dean joins the already established team as they go to the playoffs and hockey pranks featuring dentures, drunken binges and a "shaving" incident abound. There's also a little bit of awkwardly added nudity (Rob Lowe's behind ladies) and plenty of male posturing.  

It has all the delicious hockey cliches: the tough-as-nails coach, the hot shot, yet wise and insightful team captain Derek Sutton, played by the always fabulous Patrick Swayze. It seems that Swayze would later call on this Youngblood experience for his zen bouncer role in Roadhouse. And what sports movie would be complete without a love interest who, wait for it, is the coach's DAUGHTER! 

The films remains true to the sports movie cliche with injuries, deep revelations about what it means to be a team, conflicts in our main character's relationships and a Rocky like montage of Dean transforming himself into a hockey goon.

I am not ruining anything by informing you that he defeats the villain, wins the game and gets the girl.

Despite the cliches and predictability it's still a fun time, especially if you have a love for 80's movies. You may recognize some of the faces such as Cynthia Gibb who plays Dean's love interest and an appearance by Keanu Reeves as the team's goaltender. Apparently Reeves played goalie as a kid making him a seamless addition to the cast having no need for a skate double. Even Rob Lowe did his own skating which adds a few bonus points. 

Rated R for some nudity and sexual situations, some blood and violence. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 pucks for good 80's cheesy fun


Did you see "Youngblood"? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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