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Quotes from the Car: The Meaning of Life

Out of the blue..

McK: I think I am having an existential crisis...

Me: An existential crisis? Do you even know what that means?

McK: Questioning the meaning of life. What does it all know.

Me: I am impressed. Why do you think you are having an existential crisis?

McK: Summer is too long, I’m bored.

Does boredom equal an existential crisis? Will inactivity or stimulation provoke questions about the meaning of the life? I am starting to think so. Consider the "mid-life crisis". Often times it is born out of doing the same thing day in and day out until the person "cracks". So dissatisfied with their routine, they often act out in ways unbecoming to their nature. They buy an expensive flashy car, get an extreme makeover, have an affair, quit their jobs or engage in other extreme behavior. I realize I am way over simplifying it but I bet boredom factors in to the equation. Could an existential crisis be that different?

As for my 13 year old's existential crisis, and since I am not a trained psychologist, I responded with the best advice I've ever been given.."this too shall pass, read a book".

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Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 2: Youngblood