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Quotes from the Car: Dealing Words

McK turns on me, looking slightly perplexed and annoyed.

McK: What do you DO? You know for a living.

Me: What do you mean what do I do? You know what I do, I write!

McK: Yeah..but WHAT do you write? WHERE do you write? It’s like ‘oh I got paid from an article’ or ‘I did some social media’ I have no idea where your money comes from!

(simulates opening a long jacket)

’Hey, want an article?’ ‘Some social media updates?’ ‘A Linked-whatever profile?’

It’s like, it’s like you are a WORD DEALER!

Me (laughs): Yeah but I don’t give it to them free at first.

McK: Huh?

I guess my job is just not as easily explained as a firefighter or doctor especially since the work comes from everywhere and the money flows in and out at will (no real "payday" when you freelance). Although it may be a little confusing at times I hope that she sees that there are lots of careers out there and not all of them require an official "office" or a regular schedule. Many nights she's seen me cranking an article out or working on social media updates at 10pm because sometimes that's just when the muse strikes or it's just more convenient that day.

My husband, on the other hand is a garbageman and models a totally different way of working. He gets up at 4:20am, works his very structured day and comes home at 2:30pm. He also passes out around 8:30pm...definitely NOT my routine! 

Most times it's not what you tell your children it's what you show them. Between the two of us she gets a glimpse of two very different work styles and I will be very interested to see what direction she begins to take later on.

As far as being a "word dealer" maybe I need to create a show called "Breaking Blogs" where a writer mom deals phrases to keep her kid in hockey. I smell an Emmy. 

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