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Striving to always find the humorous side of life, whether it is being a hockey mom or taking on college life in my mid-forties.

Hockey Mom Movie Camp

Hockey Mom Movie Camp

Little kids have camp, hockey players have hockey camp so I think hockey moms need one too. And it's a magical place filled with extra time, extra frozen adult beverages an extra fresh smelling car. and movies which I love and cannot see enough of during the season. Hockey mom camp might also occur in a tree house (for more on that see "My Hockey Mom TreeHouse"  )

It's Summer!

Now I know a lot of you don't do the whole "taking time off" thing but I do. Not that I don't miss hockey. I do but the goalie and I need a break. So here at Camp Puckgal I will have the following special events coming up on the blog.

Having been a movie fan since forever I grew up watching "Siskel & Ebert" give their weekly reviews of the latest movies and later, their picks on video (you know, those things before DVD, BluRay and the internet) 

So, with happy nostalgia I am planning on indulging my inner film critic. I am going to be re-watching and reviewing my hockey favorites:

Week 1   Mystery Alaska

Week 2   Youngblood

Week 3   Goon

Week 4 Slap Shot

Now because I don't want to be sued or be viewed as unoriginal I will not be using the Siskel and Ebert "thumbs up" rating system, rather a "puck" one. 1 puck to 5.


Watch along with me and feel free to chime on the posts.

Stay tuned!  

Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 1: Mystery Alaska

Hockey Mom Movie Camp Week 1: Mystery Alaska

I, (state your name): The Player Contract