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I, (state your name): The Player Contract

Whether your player is eating a bag of Dorito's in one sitting, sitting way too much or guzzling down sports drinks and sodas by the liter, there comes a time when you might feel like you are putting in all the effort off ice. All the car rides, personal and financial sacrifices and all the gray hairs that come with each game, tryout or tournament you may feel like you are the only one playing for your team.

Enter the contract.

My good hockey mom friend shared this with me when she had gotten to her breaking point. Her son, while putting in massive on ice effort, just wasn't doing his part as an athlete off ice. An over abundance of pizza, chips and a lowered motivation for movement at home had her feeling frustrated and wanting to just throw in the towel...or blade covers.

Instead of fuming in silence she did something about it. This simple agreement emphasizes that even though he is just 13, he IS an athlete and should be behaving as such. From eating right, exercising and taking an active part in his training, he is contractually bound to his parents' standard. And yes, I followed up and he did create an exercise and eating plan.

Pretty genius right?

Although I don't have too much trouble with my goalie's commitment to exercise and diet, I may decide to steal this idea with some personalized additions:

- Your bag is NOT a catchall. Wrappers, empty water bottles and 14 pairs of smelly socks do not belong in      there permanently.

- Post-practice when your mother is waiting on you is NOT the time for excessive socializing. Exit the locker   room in a timely fashion.

- 15 minutes before the game is NOT the time to tell me that you need skates sharpened, hockey tape, or       are missing a game sock.

So tell me, have you used a contract to keep your player on point? If so, what was included on yours?

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