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Youth Hockey, Eh? Review of "Offside By a Mile"

Youth Hockey, Eh? Review of "Offside By a Mile"

Ever wondered what it is like to be a hockey mom in Canada? As one in a different part of North America, I sure did. Was it just like I fantasized? A rink on every corner, association and ice fees for just a $1 , and equipment for days and just as cheap?

Not exactly.

Apparently the job of a hockey mom is universal and "Offside by a Mile" by Astra Groskaufmanis, dispels all the myths I had about Canadian hockey mom-dom. From team manager challenges, goalie woes, team dinners and scheduling conflicts, Offside is part hockey mom survivor manual, part cautionary tale and wholly hilarious.

With a fondness for wine and Tim Hortons, Astra nails it all. From her subversively funny fundraising idea (fishnets anyone?) vehicle debate (to F150 or not to F150, that is the question) and fighting the oppressive smell of hockey; she manages to both poke fun at and extoll the joys, of being a hockey parent to three, count them three, children.

While I had to side with her husband Peter on the noisemakers (don't hockey parents make ENOUGH noise?) she had her finger on the pulse of the hockey mom tribe regarding sleep, tournament play, and that all important time off that every hockey parent yearns for and dreams about.

And while I was disappointed to find out that Canada isn't the utopia of cheap hockey like I thought, my heart was glad to know that our turmoil and triumphs are international.

You can get your copy of "Offside By A Mile" through Amazon or Friesen Press.

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