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Quotes From Afar: Texts Are Not Enough

Quotes From Afar: Texts Are Not Enough

For the record letting my goalie travel alone on tournaments has proved to be just as suck-ish as I imagined it would be.

Sitting there in anticipation of a text message (no streaming available) that would indicate what the hell was going on was not very satisfying. Also sitting in anticipation of my goalie actually calling or texting was not very satisfying either...case in point, the "injury".

Via text:

Mck: I pulled something by the way.

Me: What did you pull?

McK: IDK, coach asked if I wanted to play.

Me: Where are you hurt?

McK: It’s fine now, I stretched.


It took 2 more texts and several not answered phone calls before I got the skinny on what she actually pulled! Her hip by the way and apparently it wasn't so bad because she scrimmaged later.

A handful of texts and a few photos is all I have to show for the weekend..

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