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Quotes from the Car: The Claritin Wars

McKenna sniffling and coughing.

Me: Have you been taking your Claritin?
McK: No.
Me. Why not? You are supposed to take it every morning.
McK: I don't want to. I am not sick.
Me. You didn't want to?! And it isn't because you are sick, it's for your allergies! You know this.
McK: No, the doctor doesn't even know I take it. They always ask if I take any medications. Shouldn't that be written down?
Me: I am sure it is in the chart somewhere but it is just easier to ask.
McK: Well, I am not sick.
Me: It's not for being sick! It's for allergies.
McK: I don't need it.
Me: Yes, you do! You have been sniffling for days, you think that is an accident??
McK: Maybe I am sick.

How do you argue with THAT logic??


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