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What the Puck?

There I was, just enjoying a night out at the last Arizona Coyotes game and the wheels start turning. This particular game happened to be Pack Pride Night where they do a lot of giveaways and during the evening they gave away signed Shane Doan and Oliver Ekman-Larsson pucks. 

To every person in a certain section!

Being the naturally curious person, or weirdo that I am, I have to wonder..do they REALLY sign all those pucks?

Shouldn't they be saving their carpal tunnel muscles for stick handling? I would hate to think that the puck I so happily won was at the cost of a wrist or slap shot!

Doesn't anyone else wonder about this stuff?

My goalie plays on the same team as their equipment manager's  son..maybe I just need to ask him about that!

By the way I just Googled Oliver Ekman-Larsson's name because I always want to take away a "s" and add an "n" and "Oliver Ekman-Larsson's underwear" came up as a search. 

Talk about weird. 

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