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What are Old Jerseys Good For?

Seasons have come and gone and those jerseys just hang in the back of the closet. Some parents like the shadow box but I've never dug that plus where do you hang all that? Being a minimalist at heart, and yes, all that equipment laying around in the garage does make me nuts at times, we just don't have all that wall space for 7 seasons worth of jerseys. 

Enter my good friend Ryan.

She is an experiences quilt maker, bear maker and all around crafting genius. So, she took the goalie's first travel jersey and made this!

Now she has a cool pillow for her bed, I don't have to hang anything and the jersey isn't just hanging in the back of the closet.


Want one? You can have one, two, or seven made too! Shoot me an email or leave me a comment. 

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