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My Hockey Mom Treehouse

There's been a lot of talk about what I am "going to do" with my goalie daughter as of late. At the rink, at home, with the other moms, with strangers..As a 2nd year Peewee she is at a weird crossroads where everyone seems to think she will need to join a girls team here, or worse..

Send her away to a hockey school.

Thanks to her first year Peewee coach, we've been made aware of a hockey school for girls in Vermont called North American Hockey Academy (NAHA). Vermont. We live in Arizona. That would entail shipping her off to live, play hockey and attend school nine months out of the year and THOUSANDS of miles away. 

To quote Hall & Oates "I can't go for can do".

I know people do it. Lot of people. It's common, expected even. But she is my only one and I can't stomach not being there for her, especially during the cataclysmic teen years but she keeps talking about it.

My idea? Move with her.

Sure. This could work. I can be her roommate, hang out during the day and write, go to meals with her and still be able to tuck her in at night! I love this plan.

Pretty sure I am the only one who does though..she was mortified at the idea. I am also pretty positive that this school would not allow a 44 year old woman hanging out in their dorms no matter how much PR this mom would be able to provide.  Seriously, the blogs I would write, the social media I would do..NAHA please think about it!

But like any good hockey mom I have a Plan B.

Since I am a fan of the show "TreeHouse Masters"  I realized I could totally have  a tree house built outside the grounds (there are surely enough trees in Vermont) and I would be high enough that I could just check in on her with binoculars!

The best of both worlds!

I could have a little loft built as a second story sleeping area, small living space, desk by a window,  wireless internet, frig and hotplate, composting toilet and stand up shower. Hell I could even use the wood from her old sticks to keep costs down. I knew they would come in handy! 

She gets her "independence" and I still get to be a part of her daily life, albeit a in a bit of stalkerish way.  I could even team up with other moms and we could have a tree house community. 

This is brilliant! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? 

Why? Because it is pure crazy. I know it is because when I fleshed this idea out to my daughter, the look of horror on her face after she realized I was only partly kidding, was priceless. 

 I guess it is back to the drawing board on this one but I am still scoping out bits of land outside the campus.

This could sooo work. Photo courtesy of

This could sooo work. Photo courtesy of

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