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Organized? Please! I am a Hockey Mom

Rink times, game times, practice times, times to eat, times to sleep, work stuff, personal (yeah right) stuff, fundraising stuff, family stuff..

How in the hell do hockey parents stay organized??  Especially those with multiple children in sports!

I do ok most of the time but I have shown up to the wrong rink before, been chased down for raffle items, and have returned emails days later so obviously I don't have this all down to a science yet. Paper calendars? Phone calendars? Phone reminders? To-do lists?  I've tried using my phone but you know that little "dismiss" button? It really DOES dismiss the reminder! A lot of good THAT does me!

So what's the secret hockey parents?

I really want to know. How do you keep yourself organized with all that you do? 

Let me know in the comments, counting on you to FINALLY being a well oiled hockey mom machine...I ain't perfect you know! 

Trust me, you DO NOT want to see inside...

Trust me, you DO NOT want to see inside...

Hockey Shout Outs!

In the Locker Room, Boys Will be Boys