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In the Locker Room, Boys Will be Boys

As the only girl on her hockey team my daughter has learned a lot about male behavior, male humor and well, male anatomy. Before you freak out, no there isn't any "show and tell" going on. Everyone has been very respectful about that although she does know what the latest boy underwear fashion is. But there's talk. So, from time to time I check in on how things are going. You know, just to make sure.

Me:   How's it going in the locker room?

McK: Good, real good. They are all nice..and funny.

Me:   Cool. So no weirdness going on?

McK: No, everyone's nice.

Me:  No talk about balls then?

McK: Oh come on mom...boys will be boys.


Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Boys will be boys. Thank goodness nothing fazes her. Besides they think of her differently

McK: "P" was surprised that the goalie on the other team was a girl.

Me:  Why?

McK: I don't know! I said "hey, I am a girl!" and he said "No, you're a tomboy!"

Me:  I am ok with that.

Never a dull moment. I have a feeling she'll miss it when we have to make the switch to an all girls team...

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