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Faster Than a Speeding Hockey Wardrobe

Sometimes being a working hockey mom is tough. Forget about the all obvious reasons like money, time and pressure.

Let's talk clothes. 

Say you have a meeting. One that you need to be dressed up for. You have your dress, heels and nice hair going on. But you know that right after that meeting you have to speed out of there, collect your goalie, and race to the rink. You also know that bare legs (or semi-bare if hosiery is involved) in a rink in winter is a BAD idea, even in Arizona. All you end up doing is shivering on the bleachers wishing that blanket beneath your butt was a lot thicker and wearing your glittery "goalie mom" sweatshirt over a dress. I've rocked that look attractive. Not to mention having to lock your legs together the whole time in fear that you just might flash a coach on the ice..or worse yet, a player.

So what to do? 

Well you could make use of the company or client restroom to change into those jeans and tennis shoes/boots hiding in your bag. But how tacky is it to go in looking like Posh Spice and then exiting like Sporty Spice? You just know that you will run in to someone on the way out! 

Then there's always the coffee shop or restaurant option. One that I have taken advantage of more times than I could count. Banging up against the walls of a teeny stall while you attempt to take off hosiery and again when you put your boots on. Maybe I just have really bad balance. 

Use the rink bathroom? That's kind of weird too. I mean it's not like I haven't seen people walk in wearing a suit or a dress but it's rare. Most people arrive at the rink looking like they are going to a rink. 

Overall I kind of feel like Clark Kent looking for that elusive phone booth to change from freelance writer to PUCKGAL, HOCKEY MOM! I really do need my logo on a shirt*. Superman has his "s"!

Perhaps I should just dance to the beat of my own drum!

Wear the jeans to the meeting! Proudly display my hockey mom-dom!

In a perfect world perhaps, but we all know that some uniforms are appropriate at different times. All good superheroes know this. So I guess for now I will just pull my Superman act in any number of restaurants and coffee shops across the Valley. 

*spoiler alert* the shirt is coming :) 


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