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Minivans..Hockey Mom Do or Hockey Mom Don't?

Way back before I was a hockey mom I liked small cars. Ones with easy maneuverability, fun to drive, and lots of pep.  Also, because, I am the first to admit, I am not the best driver. I often park like a drunk person and a smaller vehicle just makes it easier on me. Therefore a minivan NEVER entered my vehicular plans for various reasons.

The minivan with its suburban family-with-the-white-picket-fence persona always just looked like a pair of handcuffs. It was the end of  freedom. You had given up on being anywhere close to cool. It meant no longer driving a zippy fun car that you could test speed limits in. Hello big, bulky, slow moving prison of a car.

Who the hell wants that???

Now I know plenty of families swear by me and god love Toyota for trying to make them cool (I have to admit the commercials are hilarious) Everyone who has them loves them for the room, that sliding door thing and the fact that they can pack their kids, kids' friends, neighbors' kids and maybe a pet or two in to it. But before I had my daughter, my question was "why would you even want to cart that many people and/or animals around??" Sounded awful. Now you probably understand why I only ever had ONE child. I just can't handle crowds I guess. At least crowds of people smaller than me.

Even with all the pluses, I still couldn't see doing it.

When I finally gave in to my biological urge at 30, I was driving a red Eagle Talon. You know, the one with only two doors, a sunroof and the ability to carry four (small) people at most. Not your typical family car and you should have seen me try to get that car seat installed!

Truthfully that didn't last long. It became apparent I needed a four door and that's when I reluctantly ushered in the Ford Escort days. Reliable, bigger, four doors, good on gas and incredibly dull. The Escort became a haven for ground up cheerio droppings, piles of preschool artwork and melted crayons. Basically the backseat looked like a kindergarten class had used it for a playground.

Cool, right?

Somewhere around her second grade year I decided to get some swagger back and got a Pontiac Sunfire. Beautiful burnt orange color,  two doors and not at all appropriate for our next adventure.

Because that's when hockey came in to our lives.

After cramming a hockey bag and goalie pads in to a trunk while laying a hockey stick over the back seat, I had to admit I needed a bigger car. And bigger I've gotten...slightly. I currently drive a Nissan Juke and while I have to put the one seat down for all the equipment it's still NOT a minivan! 

Don't get me wrong, I am not hating on you minivan drivers!

I am just saying it is not the right mode of transport for me. And yes, I can't cart a lot of people around and yes it does get a bit crowded on the driving trips for hockey but guess what?

No one ever asks me to help them move or drop their kids here and there. And it's got a little pep in her. Just like me.

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