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Don't Fear the Season..Youth Hockey Season That Is

While we may NOT need more cowbell (see my reality TV post for more on that) the BOC (Blue Oyster Cult for my less rock inclined friends) song seemed appropriate for the new season fear.

What's to fear you say?

Well if you have been around the rink as much as I have, every season poses a new set of threats. New faces can equal new drama. New teams pose new challenges. Your player's growth equals hockey equipment fear (the fear of buying it, that is).

Get my point? 

I know what my issues are (six inches of wrist peeking out of the arm of my daughter's chest protector signaling a sooner-than-later buying trip) so I went out and collected a few of my fellow hockey parents'. And without further ado, here's the top three. Interestingly injury didn't make the list but perhaps we are so afraid of that we don't want to verbalize it!

#3: Cost of travel.  

It is called "travel hockey" for a reason but man those travel expenses add up. When you hear that you are going three or four "fliers" in a year (cities you just can't drive to) your stomach drops, your mouth dries up and you think of all the financial sacrifices you will have to make. Then you see that the chest is exposing six inches of wrist and..sorry I digress.

#2: Inadequate coaching.

Everybody wants their kids to develop. I know I do and yes there is some trepidation about getting the right amount or type of coaching. But I am not the person who thinks they know everything about coaching because, well, I don't. So, unless the coach is calling my kid names or putting them knowingly in danger, I am going to defer to their judgement. Every year though there's a few parents who just cannot help themselves and email, text, call and basically stalking the coach about what they did or didn't do. And here's a hint..there's probably a reason that your kid didn't get a lot of minutes. Sorry but I've endured the pain of watching my goalie get pulled and it was the right decision.

#1: (drum roll please..)  Drama, team drama. 

Kids not getting along. Parents not getting along. Coaches and parents not getting along. My kid isn't getting enough ice. Your kid hit my kid in the locker room. The coach is not doing it right. Etc Etc. 

Now while I am not so stupid as to just expect that everyone will get along but one easy fix is to STAY AWAY FROM THE PERSON WHO BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. Yes, it is possible even with team trips, team outings and all those games and practices. You want to know how I know? I've done it.

But as always the joys outweigh the fears and we all know we will make it out the other side..unless you are me on a team outing to the Cave of the Winds but that is a different story.

Stay strong, stay savvy and stay sane hockey friends! 

Let me know, what are YOUR fears for this next season?


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