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Reality TV..Hockey Mom Style

Recently, I read that two hockey moms have decided to take on The Amazing Race in efforts to save their local hockey rink. There's nothing more real than hockey and it got me thinking about hockey moms and reality shows. This isn't the first time it's crossed my mind though.  I always thought the rink life would make a great show...

The drama..the tension..the excitement..the stink!

A ratings winner I can guarantee you! But this Amazing Race thing has me thinking in a whole new direction. Obstacles. Team building exercises. Danger challenges (probably involving hockey bag stink)

So here we go...

 - Smack Talk Challenge

Put two hockey parents in a small room (not unlike a police interrogation one) facing each other and have one start smack talking. You know, stuff like "your goalie is a sieve, couldn't stop a beach ball" or "you call that puck handling?" Take turns and see who can last the longest without coming across the table.

- Time Trials

Time each parent on dressing a player....WHILE they are talking to the coach, taping a stick and texting another family member.  All in a locker room that is no bigger than a closet... with 12 other players doing the same thing.

 - Gag Reflex Challenge

Place each parent's head in a sweat soaked, hasn't-been-aired-out-in-a-week hockey bag. First parent to puke loses.

-  Team Dinner Challenge 

First parent to successfully organize a team dinner in a public place with no complaints, fights, drama with EVERYONE in attendance wins. I am not really sure this can be done.

- We Need More Cowbell Task 

Put a parent in a crowded bleacher and have a grandparent ring that bell..over and over and over. First parent to punch them in the face loses.

- The Where-the-Hell-are-We" Challenge

Put one parent in a car with at least two players in a strange city during a tournament with no GPS. Whichever car makes it first wins...provided all the occupants of said car are still alive.

-  Knee Hockey Knockout

The last parent who gives in and allows their player to participate in a sure-to-be-bloody game of knee hockey in a hotel hallway wins.

- Ref Heckling

Parents are given 5 minutes to heckle a ref WITHOUT getting thrown out of the rink. Most original heckling wins.

- Dollar Dilemma

Each parent is given a certain amount of money to last a season. Whoever can creatively budget program fees, gas, equipment and travel for an entire travel season using just that dollar amount wins. 

I believe we are looking at television gold my hockey brethren. Perhaps I should forward these to the major networks for a show..What do you think? Any ideas? Put them in the comments and hockey on!

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