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What's a Goalie Mom's Position at Tryouts?

5 days. 2 tryouts for 2 different teams. It's enough to make anyone go batty. And for a goalie mom it's even more nerve wracking. Every bounce, every dribble, every 5 hole, every missed glove's all there. For the hockey gods and everyone to see!

Normally at games I sit with the other parents at center ice but tryouts are a different animal. It's every player and goalie out for themselves and it's clutch time.

So where do I sit? 

Closer to my goalie's net than what I would normally. By myself. Wringing my hands and saying things like "yes" "get him" and "suck on that cherry picker".

Yeah, I know it's wrong. Never said I was perfect.

That's why I sit away, it's better for everyone. 

It's a jungle in there.

So, parents..what's your position? How do you handle the intensity of tryouts?


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