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The Top Ten 2015 Hockey Mom-olutions

It's that time bare my soul, express all my hockey mom hopes and dreams and...oh who am I kidding? Time to bring on the crazy.

I,Puckgal, being in not-so-sound mind and ok body vow to:

10) Not believe my goalie when she says that she has "everything" in the car. Frantic last minute runs home for jerseys and blockers are so fun!

9) Not ask about locker room conversations..12 year old boys are disgusting!

8) Irritate her incessantly right before a game. It may be mean but it works. Everyone loves a pissed off goalie.

7) Not to hold my breath during every breakaway. Blue IS my color but I am tired of people calling the paramedics.

6) Come to the grips with the fact that despite my best efforts (and that caffeine/cigarette diet) she is still growing. New goalie skates anyone? Apparently they're on me.

5) Stop forgetting to take my damn gloves to the rink. Tough to write those hockey checks with frostbitten fingers. 

4) Stop worrying about my "crazy goalie mom" rep. That ship has sailed.

3) To maybe actually call that hockey school I've been promising to. I can't help but break out in a cold sweat whenever I think of sending her away.

2) Stop making myself nuts by mentally counting shots on goal. I know that they will never be right on the score sheet anyway.

and the number 1 Hockey Mom-olution?

1) Enjoy every bit of this time because I'll never get it again..especially when I ship her off to Vermont. 

Damn, there's that sweating again..

Happy New Year Hockey Moms and Dads! 

Still got that bling though..some things are hard to give up! 

Still got that bling though..some things are hard to give up! 

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