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When Coaches Go Poaching

It's happened before and it will happen again. Poaching. No, not the kind with a hunter, a gun and no license but one where a coach from another team in your association nabs a player from you.  They offer the player a chance to move up a level, get challenged, expand his skills..etc etc.

I just call it player poaching. And it pisses me off.

Yes, I know it's selfish but what about us? OUR team? And more importantly what about my sanity? You really have to take the kid whose parents I really get along with? That hardly seems fair.

And yes I am pouting.

But I will smile, say congrats, view a game whenever I can and of course stay in touch with the parents. I also know this gives one of our kids more playing time and that is good. So I will eventually be gracious about this. Why? Because that's just the cool hockey mom I am.

For now though? I'm just gonna be grumpy.

Good luck Nick, we love you! 

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