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Goals, Saves and Videotape

Photo courtesy of Gopro

Photo courtesy of Gopro

Have you seen one of these? My guess is you probably have..but have you seen it suction cupped to the glass behind the goalie's net at a youth hockey game?

If you have, then you are one step ahead of me because apparently I am missing the latest and greatest hockey parent accessory!

At this weekend's tournament I witnessed not one, but two goalie fathers straining to get that camera attached to the glass high enough what? 

Capture goals scored? Record great saves? Document errors to be analyzed later?

I don't know about other hockey or goalie moms but I don't wanna get that close! I can't even stomach sitting behind the net much less watching it all over again later. And here's the worst part..there's an app so you can watch in real time!

What kind of sadist does that to him or herself?? That type of hell should only be reserved for coaches..they signed up for it!

Some things don't need to be on video or up close. I don't want to see every move, every mistake, every cringe worthy moment. 

Of course, you may be saying "but what about the good stuff?" I say let's live in the present. Relish that great goal, amazing save, penalty worthy scrum right then and there, and then move on. It's what we tell our kids, right?  

After all tomorrow is another game and there are new goals, new saves and new penalties to see. But hey, that's my view from the cheap (and video free) seats. 

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