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She's Got a Case of the Goalie Hormones

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There's been a lot of talk about hormones of late. My goalie daughter is nearly 13, has become a "woman".. ahem and is still in a locker room full of boys. Not that this concerns HER at all..she claims the PMS makes her more aggressive on the ice and she couldn't care less about those boys, at least in a romantic sense. As she says "they are like my brothers..ewww". 

So what was with the winking incident tonight?

McK: I winked at another player tonight.

Me: Really?

McK: Yeah, he kept staring at me during the faceoff, so I winked at him.

Me: Why??

McK: Because he wouldn't stop staring at me...

Me: Maybe he was trying to figure out if you were a girl or not..

McK: Doubt it. I figure it would just throw him off..

Me: Did it? 

McK: (laughs) Well, they lost the faceoff.

So, apparently her womanly wiles are only useful as hockey sabotage.

Am I ok with that?  Damn skippy.

Use what you got. Sometimes the wink is mightier than the sword..or stick.




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