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5 for Inappropriate Texting

5 for Inappropriate Texting

Thank you honey
— Me

It appears as though I have started an inappropriate relationship with my daughter's ex-coach. Wait! Before you go calling me names, it was unintentional. Not like those stories you hear around the rink where so-and-so hooked up Coach what's-his-name and now she's divorced and the dad never comes to the games anymore.

Nothing as illicit as all that.

With all the texts that fly in and out of my phone something like this was bound to happen. I was having a conversation with my daughter's ex-coach and my husband at the same time. My husband deserved the response "thank you honey" (not that coach didn't deserve a thank you either) but somehow it went to the to coach.

Color me mortified! 

I immediately sent another text that the message was NOT intended for him and so sorry etc etc. What happened next you gotta love. He responds with "call me whatever you want...dear". Gotta love a kindred spirit with the same twisted sense of humor as your own.

So now our texts involve honey and dear and I get to pretend that I'm a scarlet woman who should wear a blingy sweatshirt with an "A" on it instead of "Goalie Mom".

You have to love a good scandal! 

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