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Hockey Shout Outs!

Hockey people are just truly the best. Along the way you meet people who become lifelong friends, suppliers who help you out in a jam and cool companies whose products make your hockey lifestyle a little more tolerable, a little less stinky and a lot sparklier!

It's not a word I know but damn it every hockey mom needs to be sparklier! 

So with the theory of practicing gratitude in mind, I am giving some major shout outs to some organizations and people who just make my day.

Behind the Mask and Randy Exelby- Behind the Mask Website

An amazing hockey supplier here in the Valley of The Sun, that employs guys like Chris and Andy who understand that I am NOT a goalie and therefore have little idea how gear is supposed to fit! And they understand terms like "you know, the thingy that attaches to her pads" Randy, you and your guys rock! 

Odor Gladiator - Odor Gladiator Website

Thanks for FINALLY giving me a solution to the hockey stink that permeates my daughter's bag, the car, the house, the hotel room and pretty much my entire universe. Also, for their speedy heroism after my daughter mistakenly threw the gladiator mask away!  Refills don't work as well without the mask. You guys make hockey less smelly.

AZ Hockey Mom Fashions -  AZ Hockey Mom Fashions Facebook Page

Every hockey mom needs their own gear so thank you for the coolest, blingiest (yes I know, not a word either) goalie mom sweatshirt that I am rocking in my profile photo all across the web. Plus? It's definitely the warmest item of clothing I own. Can't tell you how many envious comments I've received. And PS I have now received a shirt from them with my logo..stay tuned for the reveal.

Coyotes Ice Sports - Coyotes Ice Sports Facebook Page

Many thanks to Coach Kevin (I don't care if he doesn't coach my kid anymore that's just his name) for putting up with all the broken bags, lost jerseys, jerseys that don't fit and how-in-the-hell-do-I-know-how-she-wants-her-skates-sharpened looks and whatever else my goalie and I throw his way. And the new glove and blocker are SWEET! 

Stringent DesignsStringent Designs Facebook Page

And because a Puckgal can never have enough bling, another great hockey mom gear supplier. Fantastically sparkly (that one IS a word) Coyote head and personalized with my goalie's number. Not that anyone needs reminding who I am...I am the one gnashing her teeth at breakaways and shoot outs and fist pumping at a glove saves. Super fast turnaround and excellent quality.

I don't know what I do without all of you! 

With spunk, love and hockey,



Chaos and Mayhem..It's the Team Photo!

Chaos and Mayhem..It's the Team Photo!

Organized? Please! I am a Hockey Mom