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We Got The Funk, We Got The Funk...NO MORE! A Review of Odor Gladiator

*Disclosure: While I did receive a free Odor Gladiator to try, this review is my own, fully honest review and I was NOT paid to do it.

Any hockey mom will tell you the biggest challenge of the sport is not the early/late hours, the frigid temps, other parents or the expense..

It's the stink.

Foul, sweat stained equipment that brings tears to your eyes and stays in a zipped bag for hours. Even worse the funk travels with you..inside your car, your home, garage, and that hotel room when you are travelling. You've tried a variety of sprays and nothing has worked. Even when you diligently "air out" the stuff you JUST. CAN'T. GET. RID. OF. THAT. SMELL!

To say I was skeptical when I was offered an Odor Gladiator to try is an understatement. Why? Because I had tried a lot of sprays. Claims of anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-stink all fell short and couldn't stand up to my daughter's goalie equipment.

But I'm an optimist at heart and I couldn't stand the idea that nothing would ever make it go away!

Plus I had the perfect test scenario, playoffs. A 2 1/2 hour car ride each way, at least 4 games and holed up in a hotel for 3 days. This was the ultimate test.

True to the "gladiator" name, each Odor Gladiator is shaped as a helmet and all you do is the put the scent pack inside the plastic unit, toss it in the bag and go.


No spraying each item down or spraying the bag. Nice for those of us who don't want our hands to smell like the inside of a blocker or glove.

And it worked GREAT! Throughout the car ride, the playoffs, the hotel room and our warm garage, it really did eliminate the stink. I was stunned. I kept waiting for it not to work. But it proved me wrong.

If you are like me, that should be the conclusion of the review. No stink. The end.

But for those who are interested in aesthetics you can choose your colors, one for the helmet and one for the mask (see colors here), It also costs less than the several cans of whatever spray you would use (in vain I might add) during a playoff weekend.

They claim it will last 90 days. I am now on 30 days and it's kept the odor at bay. I will keep you updated as our Arizona garage heats up in the next month.

A fierce fighter of odor!

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