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Hockey Moms Need Love Too..Dating a Rink Mom

Having gone from Ms. to Mrs. in the last week, I have been reflecting on all the time I spent as a single parent during my daughter's hockey career. 

It's a bit of an anomaly to see a single parent at the rink.

You see, travel hockey has a very demanding schedule (usually requiring the efforts of two people) and is very expensive (also usually requiring the wallets of two people) but for several long seasons I've had to go it alone.

I am an equipment manager, nutritionist, personal assistant, chauffeur, travel agent, psychologist and an accountant just to name a few.

You hockey parents out there understand all of that but what most hockey parents DON'T realize is that it's hard to date with that kind of commitment. There are just certain realities and even rules that go along with being a single sports parent and not every man is cut out for it. Maybe they don't like hockey. Maybe they don't understand the commitment. Maybe they don't like the cold. But for those brave men willing to give it a go, I give you the 411 on dating a hockey mom.

Recognize that their time is NOT their own.

Games and practices will be scheduled at the LEAST opportune time. 5am, 6am, 8pm..anything goes. This usually means that dinner and a movie the night before a early game or practice is not going to happen. You are better off scheduling a late breakfast.

Weekends are almost always exclusively for hockey. If there isn't an out of town tournament, it's a game or practice or both. Be creative, hold hands over hot chocolate at the concession stand during warm ups.

And speaking of out of town, you may not even see your significant other for weekends at a time. Unless of course you tag along but do so at your own risk. Out of town tournaments are NOT a romantic vacation. It's hockey, food, rest and repeat. Period.

They are on a tight budget.

Travel hockey can run your hockey mom thousands in just one season so expensive vacations, gifts or events are not to be expected. The best gift they can give you is time but see above.

Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

During games you might notice your significant other acting in a way that you not have previously seen. This could include, yelling, cursing, pacing, wild arm waving and the occasional pout. Don't worry, most of them return to normal after the 60 minutes.

They might be a fan.

As if their kids' hockey wasn't enough they probably follow one or more professional teams. This could mean date is in front of the TV with the game on. Don't despair however, a win could result in affectionate behavior. Wink, wink.

Wardrobe malfunctions

During the season you may only see them in jeans, a hoodie and bootsNot much call for a dress and heels in the rink. You may just have to wait until the off season to see them in anything else.

And speaking of the off season...

There really isn't one. Between camps, clinics, tryouts and the random stick time practice hockey can be a year round sport. Prepare to spend a lot of time in the cold.

Any GOOD news?

A lot of great women are hockey moms! Passionate, warm (even in frigid temps), dedicated women who can multi-task their asses off!

But those goalie moms? Watch out for them..pure crazy.

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