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The Thrill of Victory..Even When It Is Second Place

She's crying. Even from my distant bleacher seat I can see that. Helmet off, standing in line with her teammates to hear her name called as part of the 2nd place team, she wipes the tears from her eyes. I want to tell her it's ok but watching her I can it see written all over her face "I wanted so bad to win".

But what she doesn't realize yet is that she already has.

What she can't see in her short 11 years is how far she's come. How it took years of being at the bottom (literally) facing hundreds of shots, loss after loss, disappointment after disappointment to get here. To be playing in a championship game after going undefeated in the playoff series.

What she also doesn't see is how her play impresses people. How I thank people I don't even know for telling me how great she is.

I can tell her but it wouldn't matter.

All she can see right now is that gold trophy and banner going to another goalie's team. Maybe when the initial pain wears off she can look at that silver trophy on the shelf and feel good about what her team accomplished.

And she will know that there are still miles of chances ahead.

Congratulations to my daughter McKenna and the Jr. Coyotes Peewee 2002 for a fantastic season and their 2nd place finish.

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