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We Went to Colorado and All I Got Was This Stupid Head Cold

Well that's not really all.

- I ate bad food, got windblown and dry skin.
- Discovered I was claustrophobic in the Cave of the Winds.
- Reconfirmed that girls hockey is pretty much non-existent west of Minnesota, according to the assistant coach of Colorado College during our tour of the Tigers locker room.

The debit card got a work out, the goalie got a work out (played over 1/2 the tournament and our car got a work out (12 hours one way, I DO NOT recommend this road trip).

Why do it, you say? Well isn't it obvious?

We love hockey. There were moments of brilliance in those 3 losses and the goalie rocked. I did get to be in 4 states at once on the way back and had shot of goldschlager with the moms at a team dinner.


Besides where else could I take this bag and not look like a dork?

Obnoxious Hockey Parents: Hit Them on their Blocker Side

Happy 2014!