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Obnoxious Hockey Parents: Hit Them on their Blocker Side

I am normally a very patient, very calm person. I know you are probably saying "yeah right" but typically you will see me seated (not standing) at center ice during my daughter's games. You won't see me getting overly worked up, celebrating too loudly when we score or doing the "nomad". You know, the hockey parent dance that moves you from one side of the rink to the other, either to keep tabs on the goalie or to better see scoring opportunities.

I am the vision of calm if only to mask the building bundle of nerves during a tight game.

And you definitely won't see or hear me berate another player. You've heard them, you may know them. The parents who seem hell bent on letting EVERYONE know around them what flaws each opposing team member has.

Case in point, tight game between us and a team from California during this Presidents Day tournament. Opposing parents getting increasingly more obnoxious as the clock ticks down.

And then I hear it..."go blocker, go blocker, she's weak on that side!"

Not once, not twice, b
ut three times this "gentleman" had to point out that my daughter was deficient on her blocker side. I could have gone a little crazy, yelled back or made some inappropriate comment about one of their players.

But hey that's not my style.

After my daughter's next save, I lean toward the small group of "men". It's only then they notice my blazingly blingy "GOALIE MOM" sweatshirt I am wearing (yeah I know, I was supposed to get rid of that as part of my hockey mom resolutions)

"Blocker side" I say with an eerily calm smile and turn my attention back to the game.

Things got a lot more quiet after that.

           I am smiling because you can't see what finger I am holding up...

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