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Revelations and Resolutions of a Hockey Mom

I, PuckGal being of sound mind and body (well body anyway) resolve to do the following in 2014:

- Wash my goalie's under gear more than once a week even though it just gets stinky and dirty again the next day

- Truly have an off season this summer (yeah right)

- Not consume so much Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate that I put their employees through college with my tips

- Retire my blingy hockey mom sweatshirt with the skate blade tear in the sleeve

- Remember that even at early morning practices other people still have to look at me so a little makeup couldn't hurt

- Wear close toed shoes. Desert dweller or not, sandals have no place in a locker room filled with 11 year olds and skate blades

- Mutter a little less at games. I already have the crazy goalie mom rep, it doesn't help when I mutter and rock

- Stop obsessing about the five hole

- Reconcile with the fact that the new car smell left the building about a week in and is NEVER coming back

- Not COMPLETELY break down when I pay the hockey bills

- Grow my hockey mom tribe (band together rink survivalists!!)

- Not really put her on that caffeine and cigarette diet that I threatened, to keep her from growing (that equipment is pricey!)

- Remove the phrase "shut out" from my vocabulary, unless it is used to hex the opposing goalie

- To not throttle the cowbell toting/ringing parent on the opposing team

- Last but not least to remember I do ALL of this to make one little girl very happy, very healthy and it's my privilege to watch it all happen...

Here's wishing you a stink-free, winning, injury free rest of the season and New Year!

What about you? What are your hockey resolutions, revelations, revolutions this year?

Happy 2014!

Goalie Mom Log Day #6