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Lying Scoreboards, Tears and Tournament Triumphs

Everyone always says 'numbers don't lie' but in youth sports I can't agree with that. Fact of the matter is the best won battles, the hardest play and the triumphs often come at the expense of the numbers on the scoreboard.

In last weekend's tournament the team played a tournament in a division up. It was the right decision since our team was ripe for some new challenges (and just ripe in general, that STINK!) But all of us knew going in it could be a rough ride.

What I didn't know is that it was going to be a helluva emotional roller coaster ride!

When we faced who we thought were our toughest adversaries, every one of the team members showed up to play. Heart, soul, sweat and blood (ok it turned out to be Gatorade but we all thought he bled) 60 shots on goal and 53 saves later we called it a success but the 7-0 score told a different tale. If you hadn't seen it the game and knew they were playing up a division, you would have thought they played horribly 

But scoreboards lie or, like that one boyfriend you had, they just don't tell the whole truth.

Despite the loss everyone felt pretty good. Particularly my goalie. Instead of hanging around in net not getting worked (which had been the case in some games this season) she spent the 60 minutes facing a stream of shots and loving every minute. She felt invincible, she felt on top of the world, she felt like she could take on any team and come out victorious!!

But that roller coaster goes down as well as it goes up..

The next day's game she nor the team could catch a break. And instead of feeling invincible, on the top of the world and ready to take on the NHL, she felt like crying. And she did. When the coach pulled her and she sat hunched on the bench I knew that the waterworks had started. And they didn't stop.

With red rimmed eyes and puffy face she emerged from the locker room utterly deflated despite the "keep your chin up" platitudes from well wishers.They started again in the car and continued for the 45 minute ride home. This was one time my Dr. PuckGal, therapist to the hockey player routine didn't work. 

So I let her cry and I let her know it was ok but only for so long. Because the season is long and there are more triumphs and pain up ahead.

And it's more fun to ride the coaster than stand by and watch. 

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